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Self Ordering Kiosk – The Start of a Revolution

The pandemic dealt a severe blow to the restaurant industry, which it has yet to fully recover from. Labor shortages continue to plague restaurants, with 62 percent of operators reporting that they cannot find enough staff to meet demand, according to a recent survey. Additionally, consumers are dining out less, leading to a decline in same-store sales comps of over 3 percent year over year in April, as indicated by a recent Black Box Intelligent report. Consequently, when customers do eat out, they expect a seamless and enjoyable experience, particularly when it comes to digital ordering, where wait times, accuracy, and convenience are paramount.

As a result, many restaurant brands are turning to kiosks as a solution. SIPO Self Ordering Kiosk system, acts as a virtual assistant, performing tasks such as cashiering, taking orders and upselling. Its user-friendly interface is designed to increase the average ticket size by providing personalized menu recommendations based on consumer behavior, generating useful analytics for operators and a positive experience for customers.

Unlike human cashiers, kiosks can seamlessly suggest upsells and cross-sells through visual imagery and storytelling, making the ordering process smoother. Moreover, data shows that customers are more likely to order larger sizes or desserts when ordering from a screen, rather than face-to-face with a cashier.

For a demo and consultation on how our Self Ordering Kiosk will elevate your business operations and save costs – book here.

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